Brand Story

We are a local cosmeceutical company that research and manufacture cosmeceutical products both locally and internationally. Our target market is restoring highly sensitive skin as a result of overuse of chemical cosmetics or hyper allergies. Important characteristics of our products is that it is made from asthaxantones mangosteen asthaxanthin extract, it has intracellular properties making the active ingredients to be bioavailable and encapsulated with ceramides preventing the active ingredients to be oxidized in the air.

Our products differ from competitors in that our active ingredient asthaxantones is the first and only active ingredient extracted using a supercritical fluid extraction process. Our intention is that the company will become the leader in cosmeceutical targeting those whom are affected by skin allergy and hypersensitivity. We accomplish this mission by using high quality manufacturing technology and research, a creative marketing programme and a comprehensive distribution network, internet presence and a consumer catalogue.