Enhances Our Natural Immunity and Remedies Sensitive Skin

For victims of tensed, tingling, itchy, burning, scaling and inframed skin due to sensitivity, or factors of the environment, food intake, a person’s mood or the skin care products used, Ascence can now salvage your sensitive skins.

It is important to select the precise skin care products aimed to counter the problem of sensetive skin, so that it has a chance to re-grow.

Ascence is a renowned all-natural skin care brand of France which contains no harmful additives, made under advanced technology aimed specifically to counteract sensitive skins. Ascence products are made majority from Asthaxanthone Mangosteen SFE extract, combined with vitamin A and
xanthone. It was clinically proven that the skin of mangosteen contains
more than 20 types of xanthone which functions as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and enhances the immune system.

The use of sophisticated technology in ensuring superior efficacy

According to Ascence International Engineering Doctorate Dr. Joseph, the results from its latest advanced technology are as below:

Super Critical Fluid (SCF) Extraction technology: being able to utterly extract the element of xanthone from mangosteen, and after undergoing tests its Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value is more than 1000, and its active ingredients are able to help remove as far as 98.77% of inflammatory cell.

Intracellular Penetration technology: Rapidly carries the active ingredients into human cells for damage reparation.

Microencapsulation technology: Breaking away from external environmental impact, this technology is very effective in preventing oxidation towards the active ingredients which causes its deterioration.

Ascence International Founder Veronica Teah expressed that “Ou customers are quite suprised by the product’s quick effect, the skin returns to its healthy state only 2 weeks after using. And for those who suffer from sensitive and allergic skins, our products managed to enhance its natural immunity, enable natural resistance of the skin against external attacks, maintaining its health level in the long term.”

Affortable price, popular amongst our fans

Besides basic skin care products; namely Advanced Brightening Cleanser, Advanced Essential Face Toner, Advanced Aqua Moisturizer Cream and Advanced Contouring Eye Cream; enhanced repair series namely; Dual Act Makeup Remover, Advanced Natural Whitening Cream and Advanced Brightening UV Shield SPF 50; Ascence’s star product Advanced Brightening Essence effectively and rapidly solves various peeling and itchiness problems people loathed, offering potent and lastling solutions which is holistic and stable towards sensitive skins, hence became our fans’ all time favourite. With quality comparable to international brands, the price of Ascence product is only a third of those, which is something we take pride in.

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